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Greatness: What I’ve learned…

It seems that everyone wants to live a comfortable life, become wealthy, enjoy the freedom to pursue their desires and be well-known. While it’s a common aspiration, realistically, less than 2% of people in the world have access to all of these privileges. Today, we’re going to delve into what it takes to ascend to greatness and achieve what you desire from the things that I’ve learned.

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Understanding the timeframe

“Nothing great has been built in a short period. It takes time to create great things.” — Alex Hormozi

A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon a captivating podcast titled “The Founders,” which shed light on the journeys of some of the greatest founders who have lived. My newfound clarity on what it takes to become great was further solidified after listening to insights from Alex Hormozi. But what exactly are the ingredients of greatness? Is it talent, work ethic, relations, or something else?

Defining Greatness

The dictionary defines greatness in a particular manner, but in my vocabulary, a great person is someone whose personality and/or work will be remembered by at least 10,000 people even five years after their demise.

Exemplars of Greatness

It’s hard to discuss greatness without mentioning names like Jeff Bezos, Thomas Edison, and Enzo Ferrari. A common thread among these individuals is their unyielding dedication to working hard until they achieve their objectives. The phrase “work hard” will likely resonate throughout this discourse, but is hard work the sole component of greatness?

The Path to Excellence

“If you’re aiming for the presidency, you should presume that there’s somebody somewhere putting all their time, efforts, money, relationships, sense of ethics, everything, in sacrifice for that one goal. Of course, that kind of person should win.” — David Senra – #272 Kobe Bryant – The Life (Podcast : The Founders)

This quote encapsulates the essence of the pursuit of greatness. Let’s dissect this a bit further.

Just a year ago, I was a student. From an academic standpoint, typical student endeavors include writing essays, engaging in exercises, and delving into academic papers and research. Assume that you want to be a great student, what does it take?

Some might argue it boils down to unique talent or a heightened ability to comprehend complex ideas. However, the reality is slightly different. While intelligence is beneficial, the secret ingredient is the right amount of work.
Consider two students:
– Student A, who fully grasps the course material and completes three exercises ;
– Student B, who initially struggles, seeks additional resources and completes 30 exercises.
Who is likely to score a better grade? It boils down to volume.

As narrated by Alex Hormozi (on his podcast “The Game” with Danny Miranda), the distinction between great work and average work lies in the hours, focus, editing, and volume invested. For instance, Hormozi spent over 2,000 hours in the last two years crafting his latest book, which now ranks in the Top 3 on Amazon. This level of dedication significantly contrasts with someone who drafts a book in two months, dedicating only two hours daily.

The Virtue of Patience

“The longer you can delay when you need to be rewarded for the work that you do, the greater the outcome is.” — Alex Hormozi

In a broader sense, patience entails the ability to wait for something. However, in the context of pursuing greatness (or happiness, if you prefer 😂), patience represents the willingness to endure the process, focusing on smaller objectives while striving for the ultimate goal. As Hormozi eloquently puts it, “Find what to do in the meantime.”

Suppose your dream is to become an illustrious football player. For now, concentrate on honing your endurance, pitch vision, decision-making, and finishing skills, among other facets of the game. Establish minor goals that steer you toward becoming a stellar player.

In Conclusion

Do you aspire to accomplish remarkable feats in your life? If the response is affirmative, the path elucidated above provides a blueprint for embarking on this exhilarating voyage toward greatness.

That’s it for today, thanks for your precious time reading my notes.
See you !

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