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The commitment I’m taking

Last week, when reading Ali Abdaal’s NewsletterSunday Snippets“, I found noticeable information about Nathan BarryThe CEO of ConvertKit*“.
In May 2012, he decided to commit to writing 1000 words per day. In his own words, it changed his life…
So I decided to do the same.


“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle

Reasoning Behind the Commitment

Everybody can say that he can do something until he faces the challenge.
Am I a writer?

Well, it’s been sometime last year when I kept a 127-day streak of journaling. During that period, I enjoyed the fact that I could talk to myself and write about what was happening in my life. I recently started journaling again.

But wait, do I want to make journaling on this blog ?

Well, I don’t really have the answer.😂
There are 3 reasons that pushed me to make that commitment today :

  • The benefits of writing over the long term as sharpening my critical thinking, my creativity, becoming a better writer, improving my communication skills, and others…
  • I’m learning a lot, so I need to synthesize what I’m currently learning. Prof Feynman says it the best ” the best way to learn is to write and teach what you’ve learned. That will expand my retention and my understanding.
  • Last but not least, I have nothing to lose but everything to win.

So I can say that like Alex Hormozi says, you need to document in some way your journey but also what you are learning along the way.
That’s what I’m committing to from today.

What’s the plan ?

I must schedule my calendar every day, committing about 1:30′ to writing those 1000 words or plus. The idea is to learn something and to write about it, and write the thoughts about that.
Perhaps someday, I won’t be able to write those 1000 words or plus but the sanction is clear: If I don’t write 5000 words or plus a week, I’ll give 200 Moroccan Dirhams to my girlfriend.
In the long term, maybe that will become a newsletter, we’ll see for the check-up in 2 weeks.

What are the measurable goals?

In fact, the goal besides the word count is really to write every day, to commit to it.
On a perfect day, I can listen to a 2-hour-long podcast or audiobook, watch 40-minute educational content, and read for at least 45 minutes. I’m working 8 hours a day on Karatou Post Bac, our Edtech company. I’m applying some things that I’m learning, and I’m learning things there too.
But where is all that stuff? You see the point now, right?

So the principal measurable goal is to write down every day, what I’m learning, applying, falling, winning, and achieving. It may come in different articles on the same day perhaps, but the goal is clear: to open that blog and type Aminou !

Hey Buddy, what if you join me on this journey?

That’s it for today, see you!


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